ARTICLE NO. founded in Los Angeles in 2015, the brand focuses on modern design language, retro feelings, and a minimalist visual experience. And to perceive the world through art and express the way of life for GEN-Z.

The design style is a combination of luxury and essentials, fashion and street.

In ARTICLE NO.'s works, redefining contemporary lifestyle and removing labels, even psychedelic imagination can become personal identity.
Also, four veteran fashion celebrities from the streets of LA are integrated in the creative DNA of ARTICLE NO..

At present, AN has been exposed, launched and sold in 70+ multi-brands shop such as SSENSE and KITH.

品 牌 故 事

ARTICLE NO. 2015 年在美國洛杉磯創立,以現代設計語言、復古情懷和極簡視覺體驗為品牌核心,並透過藝術感知世界,表達 GEN-Z 的生活方式。


在 ARTICLE NO. 的作品中,重新定義當代生活方式,去除標籤,即使是迷幻的想像也可以成為個人身份。

此外,品牌由 4 位來自洛杉磯街頭的潮流界 OG 所創立,包含:美國元老級街頭品牌 STUSSY 前高級設計師 Ant de Padovane,超過 50 年的時尚潮流經驗開創了品牌 DNA。

目前,AN 已在全球 70 多間知名選品店 (EX: SSENSE、KITH etc.) 曝光、上線、銷售。